Minister for Finance addresses Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy Dean’s Awards Ceremony

The Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna congratulated the highest-achieving students from the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy who received awards for excellence on 11th July 2014.

In a brief concluding address, Prof. Scicluna expressed pleasure at being able to attend such a ceremony, noting with pride that as one of the founding members of the Faculty, which owes its origins in 1979, it held a personal significance for him.

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“Both the private sector and public service need bright minds like yours, minds which have distinguished themselves by aspiring for and achieving excellence. I look forward to seeing your contributions in your respective fields in the future,” Prof. Scicluna said.

Prof. Scicluna also said that, as from this year, the Ministry for Finance would be regularly handing out a book prize for the top-performing student in the whole faculty, as part of the regular FEMA Dean’s Awards.

The FEMA Dean’s Awards are held annually, and are awarded to top-achieving students in First Year and Third Year courses. Prizes are also awarded for those who are awarded a First Class degree, and for those who achieve an A grade in their Dissertation. The prizes for this year’s awards were sponsored by the CBM, APS and HSBC. This year, 40 students have received awards.

The Dean’s Awards are intended to reward excellence by recognising the achievements and efforts of the top students who rose above their peers and excelled in their respective areas.

Attending the awards ceremony were also the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy Prof. Joseph Falzon, the faculty’s visitors, external examiners, and FEMA academic and non-academic staff members.


– Saturday, 12th July, 2014


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