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A general government surplus of €437 million in 2017

“I am pleased to note that we have honoured our commitment of achieving a surplus net of the revenue from IIP”, stated Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna while addressing a press conference held at the Ministry for Finance. PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FINANCE The minister stated that the government has succeeded in recording a surplus of €436.6 million in 2017, which is equivalent to 3.9 per cent of GDP, and ... [+]

In Washington for IMF/WBG meetings

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna is attending the 2018 International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) spring meetings in Washington D.C., which are being held between 19 and 22 April.   These annual meetings serve as a platform for finance and development ministers, central bank governors, private sector executives, ... [+]

More US investment for Malta

“It is quite thrilling to hear US companies express their intention to set up their digital business in Malta,” said Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna during a business promotion visit to New York between 17 and 19 April 2018. Professor Scicluna was leading a business delegation organised by the Malta ... [+]

Il-Gvern ikompli jindirizza inġustizzji tal-passat marbuta max-xogħol

Se tidħol fis-seħħ miżura li tħabbret fid-diskors tal-budget għas-sena 2018 f’Ottubru li għadda u li tikkonċerna anomaliji li setgħu nħolqu matul is-snin minħabba tibdiliet fis-sistema tal-pensjonijiet. Għal dan l-għan il-Gvern se jalloka €10.5 miljun f’dak li se jkun it-tieni pagament ta’ skema li oriġinarjament tħabbret fil-budget għas-sena 2017. Fl-ewwel pagament kienu tħallsu ... [+]

London conference on the future of the euro

“Although the euro has admittedly an incomplete architecture, and in spite of the rise of populist-backed governments, its survival is not in peril. All member states want the euro to stay and are ready to give what it takes.” This was stated by the Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna in ... [+]

Malta 3rd International STEP Conference 2018

“International communities are at a crossroads to find a balance between data protection of individuals and adopting a transparency policy to combat tax avoidance and evasion. This is being done so as to have a just distribution of wealth and to safeguard citizens from the financing of terrorism”, explained Minister for ... [+]

Jitnieda pjan strateġiku kontra l-ħasil tal-flus u finanzjar ta’ terroriżmu

“Malta hija determinata u kommessa li tippreveni, issib u tipproċedi kontra attivitajiet ta’ ħasil ta’ flus u finanzjar ta’ terroriżmu. Huwa għalhekk li ħejjejna qafas istituzzjonali biex josserva, jiġbor informazzjoni fuq, u jieħu kull azzjoni neċessarja kontra reati finanzjarji”, sostna l-Ministru għall-Finanzi Edward Scicluna waqt it-tnedija ta’ pjan strateġiku nazzjonali ... [+]

The 12th MIM International Tax Conference

“A fortnight ago, less than a week after the publication by the OECD of its Interim Report on the implications of digitalisation for taxation, the European Commission issued several proposals on a Fair and Effective Tax System in the EU for the Digital Single Market, including a directive proposal on ... [+]

Meeting with high-level delegation from MAPFRE

During a courtesy visit by top officials from MAPFRE, Minister Edward Scicluna stated that “Malta’s positive economic growth is expected to be a prolonged one. We have full employment to sustain this growth, together with an elastic labour force and a strong inflow of foreign workers. At the same time, ... [+]

Ftehim li jgħin lin-negozji jkollhom aċċess għall-finanzi

Ġie ffirmat ftehim bejn il-korporazzjoni Malta Enterprise, Malta Industrial Parks u l-bank li ġie mwaqqaf ftit ta’ xhur ilu, Malta Development Bank, fil-preżenza tal-Ministru għall-Ekonomija, l-Investiment u n-Negozji Żgħar Chris Cardona u l-Ministru għall-Finanzi Edward Scicluna. Din il-kollobarazzjoni għanda l-għan li tgħin negozji ta’ kull daqs ġejjin minn setturi differenti ... [+]