Malta supports international initiatives at curbing tax avoidance and evasion

Malta fully supports global initiatives such as the OECD’s Base-erosion profit sharing (BEPS) and the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive which was inspired by it, as they guarantee fair taxation competition between countries.



Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna made this assertion as he addressed a graduation ceremony of the Malta Institute of Taxation held at the University of Malta. He told graduates that these regulations are changing the environment within which they are operating, so much so, that top auditing firms are considering refraining from giving advice on tax beyond a certain point.



Minister Scicluna held that the government is very careful on how it uses taxation as a tool to generate revenue without placing undue burdens on families and businesses, adding that taxation can influence the choices made. He also stressed that taxation needs to be efficient as revenue generated has to heavily outweigh its administrative costs.

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Thursday 6th October 2016


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