Who should be nominated as the new Commissioner?

“I am very disappointed with the current debate with regards to a substitute Commissioner to take up Dalli’s place. In spite of the serious blow Malta has been dealt with I feel we are still playing petty parochial politics. The issue is not whether the new Maltese Commissioner should be Labour or Nationalist leaning, or how he would fit in the local musical chairs so often played in our politics. We have to rise beyond this. In this unique circumstances the way we can regain the confidence of the world is by nominating a Maltese with an international reputation, of the calibre of such like figures as Mr Michael Zammit Cutajar. It is not relevant whether this Maltese is resident in Malta or abroad, whether he is a politician or not. We cannot risk getting it wrong by another failure at the candidature stage. As an MEP who was involved in the grilling of potential European Commissioners two years ago I know the psychology of the MEPs. In the aftermath of this resignation we can expect a savage grilling of whoever is nominated. Only if the candidate would have an international outstanding reputation would we be able to silence further criticism and avoid further potential and irreparable risks.”

(This comment was sent to the Times prior to the nomination of Dr Tonio Borg for the Commissioner’s candidature. However a summary of this note was published in the Sunday Times without any explanation AFTER the nomination was announced.)

As a Maltese I will be supporting Dr Borg’s candidature. I honestly do not want my country to suffer more embarrassment. On the other hand I will not be held responsible for any eventuality brought about by the government’s own actions or inactions.


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– Saturday, 20th October, 2012


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