Visit at the KSU Careers and Research Expo 2018

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna visited the 25 companies participating in the KSU Careers and Research Expo 2018 held at the University Campus. He was welcomed and shown around the stalls by KSU Vice President Steve Zammit Lupi and Education Commissioner Jacob Portelli.


Both private and public-sector companies, representing the whole spectrum of the economy, ranging from finance to manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to retail and real estate were represented in this expo.

Through the Expo, students are being given exposure to employment opportunities, encouraged to seek innovative careers and furthering their studies at foreign educational institutions.

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna commented, “I congratulate the KSU on hosting for the third time the Careers and Research Expo. We will continue to invest and open opportunities for our youths to pursue tertiary education. Through measures and initiatives introduced by government in favour of the business community, we have managed to register a flourishing economic growth, which in turn has translated into a high demand for students once they graduate.”

Photos by: Albert Camilleri


Thursday 15th March 2018


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