Minister for Finance attends the launch of ACCA-X programme

Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna addressed a press conference on the launch of the ACCA-X online courses by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This was launched in collaboration with Deloitte Malta and AIM Professional Academy.



Speaking during the launch of the ACCA-X programme in Malta at Deloitte in Mrieħel, Finance Minister commented that Malta is highly attractive to companies from all around the world. The rapid growth of the economy is leading to labour market shortages. Such a state is inevitable in a growing economy particularly in small countries such as Malta. Indeed in certain areas, Malta does not have enough local people who are able and willing to work and hence, it has to resort to foreigners. Nevertheless, although Malta is open to other people in the European Union to take these jobs, the Finance Minister emphasised: “It is our responsability to ensure that our young people will be first to get these jobs.”

The Minister said that programmes like the ACCA-X and others are aimed to attract young people to choose the subject at an early stage and continue with the professional development later on in life.


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The press conference was addressed alongside Mr. Abdul Goffar, ACCA, Head of Business Development for Europe and North America, Ms. Maria Fenech Attard, Director of Studies from AIM Professional Academy and Ms. Sarah Curmi, Deloitte Malta Audit Business Leader. Present for the launch of the ACCA-X programme were a number of students from the De La Salle College who are willing to participate in such program this summer.



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Wednesday 22nd June 2016


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