€455.8 million assets are regularised under 2014 investment registration scheme (Watch)

The Ministry of Finance would like to announce that the 2014 Investment Registration Scheme, which expired on 30 November 2014, attracted a total of 1469 valid registrations covering an aggregate of €455.8 million worth of eligible assets.





Of the total amount registered, €69.8 million or 15% of the total was repatriated following registration.

Registration fees received by the Government, after netting out the commission payable to registration agents, amounted to €32 million.

The Scheme was launched in July 2014 to provide individuals and companies resident in Malta with the opportunity to regularise their position under the Income Tax Act in respect of their holdings of eligible assets derived from undeclared income.



Assi b’valur ta’ €455.8 miljun irregolarizzati taħt l-iskema tar-reġistrazzjoni tal-investimenti 2014


Il-Ministeru għall-Finanzi jixtieq iħabbar li l-Iskema tar-Reġistrazzjoni tal-Investimenti 2014, li għalqet fit-30 ta’ Novembru 2014, attirat total ta’ 1,469 reġistrazzjoni valida, li jikkostitwixxu valur total ta’ €445.8 miljun f’assi eleġibbli.





Mill-ammont totali ta’ assi li ġew irriġistrati, €69.8 miljun jew 15 fil-mija tat-total, ġie rripatrijat wara r-reġistrazzjoni.

It-total tal-miżati li rċieva l-Gvern mir-reġistrazzjoni ta’ dawn l-investimenti, wara li tħallsu l-kummissjonijiet lill-aġenti tar-reġistrazzjoni, ammontaw għal €32 miljun.

L-Iskema ġiet imnedija f’Lulju 2014 sabiex individwi u kumpaniji residenti f’Malta ikollhom l-opportunità li jirregolarizzaw il-pożizzjoni tagħhom taħt l-Income Tax Act, fir-rigward tal-pussess tagħhom ta’ assi eleġibbli derivati minn dħul mhux dikjarat.



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– Saturday, 3rd January, 2015


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