Historic Moment for Malta – Chairmanship of EIB Board Of Governors – Videoblog 44


Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses his participation in ECOFIN and Eurogroup meetings in Brussels earlier last week, on 5 and 6 May 2014.

He explains that an especially important meeting took place during his two-day stay in Brussels, which was the European Investment Bank`s (EIB) Annual General Meeting, which Prof. Scicluna attended in his capacity as Chairman of the EIB Board of Governors.




He explains that this was a historic moment for Malta because this chairmanship represents a milestone for Malta since becoming a member of the EU. Prof. Scicluna is currently holding the rotating chairmanship of the EIB Board of Governors.

Prof. Scicluna said that the chairmanship means that Malta is in a position of respect, and added that during the past months, the EIB has been closer to Malta. He noted that only a few weeks ago, EIB President Dr. Werner Hoyer was in Malta with a large delegation to tour various investment project, and to explore opportunities for further investment, among them in housing and education.

Prof. Scicluna also noted the positive assessment of the Maltese economy and public finances by the European Commission, as published in the recent Spring Forecast. He noted that this positive appraisal will boost the credibility of our economy, increasing the chances of attracting investment.


– Saturday, 10th May, 2014

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