#133 – Are rules meant to be broken?

#132 – Honest broker

#131 – BREXIT: The morning after

#130 – Agreement on the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive

The European Presidency – Vlog 119

  What role will our country have during the European Union Presidency? What leads us for a successful European Presidency? What preparations are being carried out to host the European Presidency into our country?     Il-Presidenza Ewropea X’irwol ser ikollu pajjiżna fil-Presidenza tal-Unjoni Ewropea? Xi jwassal biex ikollna presidenza ewropea suċċess? X’inhuma l-preparamenti li ... [+]

Interest rate and inflation – Vlog 117

  Many are those who wish banks to increase the interest rates. Is it good to have a high interest rate? And when you compare the interest rate to the inflation rate, what’s left in your hands? These are questions that require answers.     Ir-rati tal-imgħax u l-inflazzjoni   Huma ħafna dawk li jixtiequ li ... [+]

Making Risks Known – Vlog 116

Attività Politika fiċ-Ċentru Laburista ta’ Ħal Qormi

[nggallery id=299] - 15th February, 2015 [+]

Sibt il-Punt – ONE Radio