Smash TV Programme

L-MEP u Int – Prog 155

  This is the last program of the series MEP u Int. Labour MEP Prof. Edward Scicluna, who contested the General Elections of the 9 March 2013 was elected from two districts. He must therefore give up his seat in the European Parliament on his taking his least in the local National Parliament.  Last Wednesday (13th March) the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat appointed him Minister for Finance. During this program Prof ... [+]

Solutions to a financial crisis – L-MEP u Int – Prog 154

  Matul il-programm L-MEP U INT l-Ewroparlamentari Laburista il-Prof Edward Scicluna tkellem dwar l-evoluzzjoni tal-kriżi finanzjarja u kif bħala Membru Parlamentari Ewropew ħadem sabiex tinstab soluzzjoni għal din il-kriżi. Tkellem ukoll dwar kif ir-riżulati ta' l-elezzjoni fl-Italja affetwaw is-soluzzjonijiet ta' din il-kriżi. Il-programm L-MEP U Int jixxandar kull nhar ta' Ġimgħa fis-7.20pm ... [+]

An update of Events impacting European Politics – L-MEP u Int – Prog 153

During this week’s program, Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna spoke about how the political events of this week have affected the European Union. Prof Scicluna talks about the agreement reached between the Commission and the European Parliament on stricter rules for European banks. He also explains about the rationale and ... [+]

The ‘Two-Pack’ Deal – L-MEP u INT – Prog 152

  During this L-MEP u Int programme Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna talks about the economic governance deal called the 'two-pack' that was agreed upon in the European Parliament together with the Council of Ministers. He explains in detail about this 'two-pack', its potential impact on European economies and what would ... [+]

EU Budget Negotiations – L-MEP u Int – Prog 151

  Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna talks about the EU's long-term Budget 2014-2020 and how some budget sectors have been slashed while others have been increased. He explained how this budget has affected Malta and the difficulties ahead for this Budget to be approved. The program L-MEP U INT (The MEP and ... [+]

The EU Budget Summit – L-MEP u Int – Prog 150

  Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna talks about the EU budget summit. He explains the differences between the EU budget and a country's budget, what will now ensue at EU and National levels and the impact all this has on Malta. The program L-MEP U INT (The MEP and You) is broadcast ... [+]

European Semester – L-MEP u Int – Prog 149

In this L-MEP u Int program on 1 February Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna spoke about the discussion at the European Parliament on improving economic cooperation between the national parliaments and the European Parliament in the context of the European Semester. Prof. Scicluna gave information about the European Semester, why ... [+]

Youths Guarantee Scheme – L-MEP u Int – Prog 148

  The resolution for the Youths Guarantee which was approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg was discussed in detail by Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna on Friday 25th January in this edition of MEP u INT television programme on Smash TV. Professor Scicluna said that this resolution was needed because of ... [+]

Eurobonds – Report from the European Parliament

  Prof Edward Scicluna spoke on Smash TV on the programme 'Report from the European Parliament'. During this programme Prof Scicluna talked about the last report by the European Parliament on the stability bonds for which he was shadow rapporteur. He described the importance of these bonds and the impact this may have on the European financial crisis.     Eurobonds - Rapport mill-Parlament Ewropew Prof Edward Scicluna tkellem fuq Smash TV fil-programm 'Rapport mill-Parlament Ewropew'.  F’dan il-programm Prof Scicluna tkellem dwar Rapport li għadda mill-Parlament Ewropew fuq l-istability bonds li fuqhom huwa ... [+]

A Challenging Year – L-MEP u Int – Prog 147

  In this L-MEP u INT programme Labour MEP Professor Edward Scicluna describes the year ahead at the European Parliament as a crucial and challenging one for the MEPs who will be working on important reforms aimed mainly to improve the economy. On top of the European Parliament agenda, negotiations for ... [+]