Vehicle Registration Refund Scheme Launched

The Government has launched the Vehicle Registration Refund Scheme for those vehicles registered for personal use between 1st May, 2004, and 31st December, 2008. It is expected that approximately 40,000 eligible applicants will benefit from the scheme, and the refund will be paid over seven years. The first payments will be issued directly to households as from April 2014.


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The scheme was launched by Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi, Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna, and Parliamentary Secretary for Justice Dr. Owen Bonnici, on Saturday, 25th January, 2014.

The scheme will apply on those vehicles which were registered for personal use, and include those vehicles which fall in categories M1 and N1, motorcycles, and quadbikes. The scheme is applicable to the first owner of a vehicle that is registered and licensed, irrespectively whether the vehicle was later scrapped or sold.

The refund is applicable on those vehicles both new and second-hand, and also applies on those vehicles which were bought from within the European Union, and other countries outside the EU.

Those applicants who registered more than three vehicles for personal use during the stipulated time frame can benefit from a refund on those three vehicles with the highest registration values. To be eligible, applicants must be residents in Malta, and be 18 years and over.

During the press conference, Parliamentary Secretary for Justice Dr. Owen Bonnici said that the scheme was being launched thanks to the effort and performance of a team that spanned three different sectors, through which unjustly paid registration fees are being returned to Maltese car owners. Bonnici also said that it was Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, as Leader of the Labour Party during the previous government, who recognized that this was paid unjustly, and that added that the Government managed to deliver yet another promise, so that the Maltese public receives the redress it deserves.

Speaking during the press conference, Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna said that the Government is showing that it is delivering on what it promised, and that all the calculations behind the promised measures set forth in the Labour Party’s electoral manifesto – including this refund scheme – were both estimated correctly and doable. Prof. Scicluna also said that the Government is implementing the pledge in a responsible manner as this was being spread over seven years. Prof. Scicluna also maintained that the Government finances are being kept close to the budget plan, and that the Government is confident that it will close 2013 with a deficit below 3 per cent.

Finally, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi said there will be a number of trained officials to receive queries and assist the public with regards to how they can benefit from the refund scheme. He said that those who are eligible will be receiving the application directly by post. The application should be returned by 14th March, 2014. Minister said that the Government remained consistent and is keeping the promise made to the Maltese public six years ago. He said that the scheme is going to be published in the Government Gazette on Monday 27th February.

The public may obtain more information about the refund scheme by calling on the freephone number 80072373 between Monday and Friday 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., or by email on the address



– Saturday, 25th January, 2014

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