Time ripe for the Malta Stock Exchange to further its activities

Minister for Finance, Edward Scicluna, commended the efforts and projects that the Malta Stock Exchange is planning to embark upon in the near future. He said that the MSE has served the country well since it was set up 25 years ago, and that the time is now ripe for it to further its activities.




Addressing the MSE’s annual dinner at the Maritime Musuem in Vittoriosa, held in the year that marks its silver anniversary, Scicluna said: “I have to applaud the efforts and projects to be embarked upon by the MSE. MSE is looking at launching its own independent SME platform, is setting up an Islamic Finance Committee, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Committee, and a China Listing Committee – all geared towards business generation from new markets. Within this forward-looking activity, MSE is also actively looking at attracting other foreign companies to consider a Malta listing or having their dual listing on the MSE. My presence here is also meant to show support to this goal.”


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On his part, MSE chairman Mr Joseph Portelli said that for the MSE to thrive, it needs to increase its listing activity by looking beyond our shores. The MSE, he stressed, must be proactive if it wants to attract business and international listings currently flowing to competing countries.

The event was attended by, amongst others, chairpersons and corporate secretaries of MSE-listed Maltese companies.


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– Monday, 16th November, 2015


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