The European Court of Auditors plays an important role in overseeing all European Union expenditure

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and President of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) Klaus-Heiner Lehne addressed a joint press conference outlining the ECA’s important role in overseeing all European expenditure.

Minister Scicluna said that the ECA should not be taken for granted, and must be seen by the member states as the institution overseeing that all expenditure within the EU is done in a transparent, professional, and efficient manner for the benefit of the countries making use of its funds. As the President of ECOFIN, the Finance Minister expressed his positive experience in meeting with and speaking to the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg, with the aim to build an important and cohesive relationship between the two institutions.

Klaus-Heiner explained that the European Court of Auditors is attempting to switch to a more professional performance-related institution aimed at instilling more confidence by its member states. The ECA President expressed that the ECA should go through an internal reform process which should be backed by all stakeholders in order for this to be successful. Klaus-Heiner also explained that whilst clear and constructive audits are an important requisite, their number should be such as not to diminish their effectiveness.

President of the European Court of Auditors Klause-Heiner was accompanied by the Maltese Member of the same European Court of Auditors Leo Brincat.


Tuesday 27th June 2017


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