Remarkable increase in local exports

An increase of €454.1 million or nearly 36 per cent was recorded in Malta’s exports net of fuels for the period January to July of this year.



The highest increase was recorded in the chemical sector where exports of chemicals rose from €220.2 million in January to July of last year to €776.7 million in the same period of 2016. Other notable increases were recorded in the exports of semi-manufactured goods and exports of beverages and tobacco.



During the same period, total imports increased by €138.1 million or 3.5 per cent. A significant increase was observed in imports of investment goods reflecting the increased level of investment activity recorded by the Maltese economy during the first half of this year.

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna stated that: “These figures confirm that Malta is succeeding on all fronts including manufacturing, which though admittedly operating within a negative international outlook is still persisting to surprise us with very positive results.”


– Friday 9th September, 2016


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