Scicluna in ECB meeting with Draghi

Labour MEP Edward Scicluna will form part of a small delegation from the European Parliament for a meeting with the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi and other council members.

The meeting is being held at the ECB in Frankfurt tomorrow. Prof. Scicluna is the vice-president of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

During the meeting, the delegation from the European Parliament will discuss with President Draghi the problems of the eurozone and his views regarding the solutions underway.

Two reports will be presented, one about the performance of the Bank during the tenure of the previous President Claude Trichet, and another dealing with a proposal by a group of leading European economists as to how they foresee solving the liquidity problem in some eurozone member states.

Prof. Scicluna said: “For me this is a very important meeting because of the report I am drafting with others about Eurobonds. This report has to be submitted with urgency early next year.

“As Maltese we have to monitor the situation since what happened last Thursday and Friday in Brussels will have significant repercussions on the eurozone and also on Malta.”
Sunday, December 11, 2011

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