New Year’s Greetings

On Tuesday 1st January Labour MEP and candidate for the 5th and 8th district Professor Edward Scicluna was part of the Labour Party MP’s, MEP’s and candidates delegation that visited the President George Abela, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, the Archbishop Paul Cremona and the leader of the Opposition Joseph Muscat for conveying of the New Year’s Greetings. Professor Scicluna was also present at the Labour Party Headquarters in Hamrun together with Labour Party Leader Joseph Muscat and other party MP’s, MEPs and candidates receiving New Year’s greetings from citizens.




Xewqat Sbieħ għas-Sena l-Ġdida

Nhar it-Tlieta 1 ta’ Jannar L-Ewroparlamentari Laburista u kandidat għall-5 u t-8 distrett il-Professur Edward Scicluna kien parti minn delegazzjoni tal-Partit Laburista ta’ Membri Parlamentari, Ewroparlamentari u kandidati li taw l-awguri tagħhom għas sena 2013 lill-President George Abela, lill-Prim Ministru Lawrence Gonzi, lill-Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni Joseph Muscat u lill-Arcisqof Pawlu Cremona. Il-Professur Scicluna kien ukoll fiċ-Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista l-Ħamrun flimkien mal-mexxej Laburista Joseph Muscat u Membri Parlamentari, Ewroparlamentari u kandidati Laburisti jirċievu l-awguri mingħand ħafna ċittadini.


– Tuesday, 1st January, 2013


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