Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna inaugurates the ‘Institutional Financial Securities Market’

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna addressed a half day conference organised by the Malta Stock Exchange entitled ‘Opportunities within the Securitization Sector’ in which the ‘Institutional Financial Securities Market’ was launched.




In his remarks Minister Scicluna said that under the Exchange’s leadership and clear direction, and also through the launch and implementation of the capital markets strategic plan, the market has evolved.

“The regulated main market is no longer the only option for businesses to seek access to the market and Prospects, a new Small and Medium Enterprise oriented market has shown that there are alternatives available to small and medium sized businesses to tap into the market in a low cost, lighter regulatory environment,” remarked Minister Scicluna.

Besides the admission to listing on the regulated main market of one equity valued at over €100 million, 8 corporate bonds, raising a total of €236 million and over €240 worth of government bonds, Prospects has attracted five issuers to this new market – one of them Italian.

This shows that there is a huge potential for Malta to be a beacon for capital market participation by SMEs not only for Maltese but also for international participation.

The launch of the Institutional Financial Securities Market (IFSM) is the Malta Stock Exchange’s institutional market and builds on the very good work carried out, and concluded, in the securitisation arena under the Maltese presidency earlier this year.

The IFSM is certainly not a retail-oriented market, but one that if well marketed and supported by the local stakeholders, will lead to the internationalisation of the Malta Stock Exchange and the attraction to Malta of even more world recognised and established brands that operate in the financial services sector.

“I believe that there is potential for our small economy to punch above its weight and become a hub for SMEs in Europe – a jurisdiction that uses its expertise, professional network, and of course, its Exchange to bridge the financing gap and offer SMEs a much-needed infrastructure to address their capital requirements.” concluded Minister Scicluna.

After the conference Minister Edward Scicluna together with Malta Stock Exchange Chairman Mr. John Portelli inaugurated a newly refurbished boardroom at the Malta Stock Exchange premises.

Wednesday 18th October 2017


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