MCESD-MEUSAC meeting on National Reform Programe

Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna delivered an address to a joint meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) and the Malta-EU Action Steering Committee (MEUSAC) on Friday 28th March 2014, where he discussed the upcoming National Reform Programme (NRP).

Prof. Scicluna explained that the NRP represents the beginning of the European Semester, a budgetary process during which the Eurogroup, of which Malta is a member, coordinates the various respective national budgets. This process must be concluded before each budget then is presented for approval in each country’s respective parliament.




Prof. Scicluna explained that the National Reform Programme is a key part of the process, which deserves greater prominence and importance on a national level. He explained that in future, the National Reform Programme could be discussed even within the Parliament.

He underlined the importance of consultation with civil society which includes constituted bodies and trade unions, in this process, so that the Government is able to consider different perspectives and include them in the reform programme.

Prof. Scicluna also underlined his intention to have a more streamlined National Reform Programme Document which the public, including the social partners, can better examine and appraise in the interest of providing feedback to the Government.

During the consultation session, Prof. Scicluna also delivered an overview of Malta’s economic situation, which considered the factors behind Malta’s economic growth. The Minister’s address was followed by a fruitful discussion during which the participants gave their feedback.



– Friday, 28th March, 2014


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