Malta – A Successful Mediterranean Economy

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna was recently invited to a high-level seminar organised in Rabat, Morocco, entitled “Seven Years after the Crisis: Intersecting Perspectives”.



The seminar, which was organised by Bruegel and the OCP Policy Center, was made up of four main panels, with each of the panels having speakers from advanced and MENA emerging economies, and research papers backing the discussions. The Minister for Finance was the invited speaker during a high-level policy panel in the concluding part of the seminar.

The main themes of the panels were: the long-term growth strategies for advanced and emerging economies; taking stock of post-crisis industries in advanced economies and the evolution of industries in emerging Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries; rethinking Euro-Mediterranean energy relations; and youth unemployment in developed and emerging economies.


The final panel was addressed by the Maltese Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, the Spanish State Secretary for Economics Affairs and Support for Business Iñigo Fernandez de Mesa, and Ahmed Rahhou from the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises. The discussion aimed to discuss appropriate policy responses to sluggish growth, rapidly changing market structures, uncoordinated trade policies, and other challenges which policy makers have to face nowadays.

With regard to the seminar, Minister Scicluna said that “it was important for Malta to participate at this high-level seminar and offer its experience as a successful Mediterranean economy.”


Wednesday 6th April 2016


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