Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna receives a courtesy visit from H.E. Mr. Klaus-Peter Brandes, German Ambassador to Malta

The Hon. Edward Scicluna, Minister for Finance received a courtesy visit from German Ambassador to Malta H.E. Mr Klaus-Peter Brandes, on Thursday 26th September, 2013.

The meeting discussed topics related to political and economic developments in both countries, as well as their respective relevance to the European Union, and the Eurozone.


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Prof. Scicluna and H.E. Mr Brandes also discussed issues related to nurturing economic growth, and enhancing and safeguarding economic stability and monitoring across member states.

In the area of youth employment, Prof. Scicluna said that Malta is eager to cooperate with Germany to develop links that bring together educational institutions with industry and employers, with the aim of further developing the capacity of the Maltese economy through a larger active labour force.

Both Prof. Scicluna and H.E. Mr Brandes augured that Malta and Germany would continue to be close partners in the European Union.

– Friday, 27th September, 2013


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