Malta Election 2013 Results

Prof Edward Scicluna who contested the 5th and the 8th district was elected from both districts during the Malta General Elections held on the 9 March 2013. It was a historical landslide victory for the Partit Laburista over the Partit Nazzjonalista.


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Il-Professur Edward Scicluna li kien qed jikkontesta l-Elezzjonijiet Ġenerali fid-9 ta’ Marzu 2013 fuq il-5 u t-8 distrett ġie elett miż-żewġ distretti. F’din l-elezzjoni il-Partit Laburista għamel rebħa kbira u storika fuq il-Partit Nazzjonalista.




1st district -Elected: Louis Grech (PL)  Jose’ Herrera (PL) Deo Debattista (PL) Mario de Marco (PN) Claudio Grech (PN).

2nd district -Elected:  Joseph Muscat (PL) Joe Mizzi (PL)  Stefan Buontempo (PL) and Helena Dalli (PL) Lawrence Gonzi (PN)

3rd district – Elected –Owen Bonnici (PL) George Vella (PL) Carmelo Abela (PL) Etienne Grech (PL) and Mario Galea (PN)

4th district – Elected – Joseph Muscat (PL) Konrad Mizzi (PL) Silvio Parnis (PL) Chris Fearne (PL) Jason Azzopardi (PN). 

5th district – Elected: Karmenu Vella (PL) Joe M Sammut (PL) Marlene Farrugia (PL)  Edward Scicluna (PL) Anthony Bezzina (PN)

6th district – Elected: Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (PL) Silvio Schembri (PL) Roderick Galdes (PL) Clyde Puli and Ryan Callus (PN)

7th district – Elected: Ian Borg (PL) Godfrey Farrugia (PL)  Charles Buhagiar (PL) Lawrence Gonzi (PN) Joseph Cassar (PN)

8th district – Elected: Chris Cardona (PL) Edward Scicluna (PL) Edward Zammit Lewis (PL) Tonio Fenech (PN) Beppe Fenech Adami (PN)

9th district – Elected:  Manuel Mallia (PL) Leo Brincat (PL) Simon Busuttil (PN) George Pullicino (PN) Robert Arrigo (PN)

10th district – Elected: Manuel Mallia (PL) Evarist Bartolo (PL) George Pullicino (PN) Robert Arrigo (PN) Francis Zammit Dimech (PN)

11th district – Elected: Anthony Agius Decelis (PL) Louis Grech (PL) Simon Busuttil (PN)  David Agius (PN) Joe Cassar (PN)

12th district: Elected – Evarist Bartolo (PL) Michael Farrugia (PL) Tonio Fenech (PN) Michael Gonzi (PN) Robert Cutajar (PN)

13th district – Elected – Anton Refalo (PL) Franco Mercieca (PL) Justyne Caruana (PL) Giovanna Debono (PN) and Chris Said (PN)





– Monday, 11th March 2013.





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