A strong economy is made up of strong sectors – Finance Minister Edward Scicluna

Minister for Finance, Prof. Edward Scicluna praised the financial and igaming sectors which are two strong components of the strong Maltese economy, as he addressed a half-day seminar entitled iGaming Meets the Maltese Capital Market.



The seminar, organised by the Malta Stock Exchange, served as a platform where operators in the igaming sector met with financial practitioners with a view of strengthening the sector through the access to capital markets.

Minister Scicluna welcomed the initiative undertaken by MSE and said that the two sectors could benefit from closer collaboration. He praised the private sector for working hard in bolstering business, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Speaking about the Capital Markets, the Finance Minister called for more flexibility in order to allow for growth, which may be hindered through over- rigorous bureaucracy. He described how the igaming industry is an important cluster in the Maltese economy, which has the resources and the willingness to renew itself and defend itself against external attacks.





Friday 28th April 2017


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