A Very Busy Week: Promoting Malta as an important regional business hub – Videoblog 36



Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses his participation during various conferences and events held over the previous days, and how these tie in with the country’s economic turnaround.

Prof. Scicluna explains that one conference, dealing with the topic of taxation, saw a large number of professionals from various countries coming together to discuss recent developments so that they can better advise their clients, both locally and abroad.


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The Finance Minister also discusses a second conference, during which he delivered an address regarding a number of amendments being proposed to Trust and Trustees Act. Prof. Scicluna said that while this is somewhat of a technical instrument, it can benefit families with children suffering from disabilities with regard to inheritance.

Prof. Scicluna concludes by referring to his keynote address at ‘The Economist: Business Roundtable with the Government of Malta’ Conference, on Friday 7th March 2014, where he opened a discussion panel entitled ‘The Financial Services Sector: Europe on the Mend?’

Prof. Scicluna said that he was pleased to be able to address an audience of established and respected individuals, which included also various foreign Prime Ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors, and experts, and communicate to them the successes achieved by the new Government.

Prof. Scicluna said that he could not let this occasion pass without noting how the Commission’s recently-published in-Depth Review concluded that Malta’s macroeconomic risks, which arose a year earlier, have been contained thanks to the new Government’s hard work.


– Tuesday, 11th March 2014

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