Finance Minister pays tribute to Chinese engineers who lost their lives during construction of Dock 6

Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna attended a wreath laying ceremony at the Addolorata Cemetery on Saturday 5th April 2014 in remembrance of two Chinese engineers who lost their lives during the construction of the No. 6 Dry Dock in Malta in 1979.
The ceremony is an annual event organised by the Chinese Embassy on Chinese Qingming, a Chinese public holiday which is marked by the paying of respects to those who passed away during significant events. The two engineers buried at the Addolorata Cemetery are Mr. Xu Huizhong and Mr. Gu Yanzhao.

In a brief address during a brief commemorative ceremony, Prof. Scicluna emphasised that the ceremony holds special significance as it represents a symbol of the ongoing friendship between Malta and China. Prof. Scicluna underlined that friendship between two countries does not simply amount to conducting business with one another during time of success, but represents a much deeper and stronger human bond that manifests itself through sustained mutual assistance in times of need.

Prof. Scicluna recalled that when Malta had undertaken the journey to diversify its economy away from a military base towards becoming an economically independent developed country, it welcomed the generous Chinese government assistance to develop its much needed infrastructure.

Prof. Scicluna explained that China’s assistance allowed Malta to develop and construct the No. 6 Dry Dock, also known as the Red China Dock, which is the biggest dry dock in the Mediterranean and which allowed Malta to remain on the map as a strategic ship repair destination.

The Finance Minister explained that now, Malta and China are poised for their next stage of their friendship, with Malta becoming an ever-more successful European Member State and China well on its way to becoming the leading world economic power.

“Our two countries can look forward to a bright future of economic cooperation based on a well established, tried-and-tested foundation of friendship,” said Prof. Scicluna.

On his part the Chinese Ambassador Chinese Ambassador to Malta H.E. Mr. Cai Jinbiao welcomed the presence of the Minister as a representative of the Maltese Government and a symbol of the friendship which exists between the two countries. He also augured success to the future ventures which the two governments were embarking on.

Also present for the ceremony was the Sta. Lucija Mayor Frederick Cutajar, senior representatives of the Malta-Chinese Friendship Society, and the Malta-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

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– Saturday, 5th April, 2014

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