Meeting with Chief Brexit Negotiator Mr Michel Barnier

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna welcomed Mr Michel Barnier, the EU Chief Brexit Negotiator at the Malta Freeport to discuss Malta’s preparedness for Brexit.


The Finance Minister highlighted the significant investment being made by Customs to intensify operations against smuggling of illegal substances. In fact, last year, the Customs department launched its new scanning equipment at the Freeport with an investment of around €2.5 million, as well as a dedicated Canine Unit.

“This investment is bearing fruit. Indeed, last year Malta recorded a record number of drug hauls”stated Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna.


On Malta’s preparedness for Brexit, the Minister for Finance outlined the preparations being made by the Customs department for the eventuality of Brexit and praised the personnel for their proactiveness and the work they are doing in this regard.

Mr Barnier spoke about the importance of having a single market across the EU Member States. He commended the work of the Customs Department stating that it has been very active in protecting consumers and businesses from counterfeit goods and thus in strengthening the principles of a single market.


Sunday 5th May 2019

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