Private sector behind surge in employment

Data released by NSO confirms the impressive performance being registered in the labour market. In fact, between February 2015 and February 2014, full-time employment increased by 6,622 persons, out of which 6,180 were generated in the private sector. Even after accounting for the re-classification to the private sector of the persons working with the public transport operator which was temporarily classified under the public sector during 2014, during the last two years, employment in the private sector increased by over 9,574 – an average of 400 jobs per month. The official figures also show that in February 2015, there was also an increase of almost 600 in the number of self employed while in Gozo full-time employment increased by 134.



The increase in employment was broad-based with employment growth registered in practically all the main sectors of our economy. Over 12 months, the largest increase in full-time employment were registered in the Administrative sector and in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities sector which increased by 2,589, while in the Construction sector full-time employment increased by 1,111. The Wholesale and Retail sector also registered strong increases of 584 confirming the increasing purchasing power of the Maltese families.

Of particular note is the fact that the Financial and Insurance activities continued to increase, with full-time employment up by 354 while employment in manufacturing increased by 236 in the twelve months between February 2015 and February 2014.

Commenting on these figures, Minister for Finance, Prof Scicluna remarked that: ‘The labour market is keeping its positive momentum with the private sector being the prime driver. These results reflect the pro-business attitude of this Government which is creating new opportunities and thus creating demand for productive employment as well as the various incentives to make work pay. We are confident that the new investments that have recently been announced will continue to offer further employment opportunities for years to come.’


– 16th July, 2015


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