Meeting with high-level delegation from MAPFRE

During a courtesy visit by top officials from MAPFRE, Minister Edward Scicluna stated that “Malta’s positive economic growth is expected to be a prolonged one. We have full employment to sustain this growth, together with an elastic labour force and a strong inflow of foreign workers. At the same time, we have managed to keep wages under control.”

Minister Scicluna highlighted the importance of diversification, the grabbing of opportunities, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the introduction of changing technologies. He also mentioned that manufacturing will be on the agenda, with assistance from the newly established Malta Development Bank.

The minister stated that “we are proud of turning a deficit into a surplus.”

MAPFRE Chairman Antonio Huertas was very pleased with doing business in Malta, and was impressed with the current scenario. He also pointed out that their partnership with Bank of Valletta is an excellent one. MAPFRE is also encouraging Maltese individuals to work abroad.

In Malta, 60 percent of MAPFRE’s workforce, and 40 percent of managerial roles in the company, are occupied by women. MAPFRE is a global company, operating in 44 countries.

The MAPFRE delegation was made up of the Chairman of MAPFRE and Fundacion MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas, Vice President MAPFRE, Antonio Núñez, CEO MAPFRE International Area,Jaime Tamayo, Eurasia Region CEO, Nikos Antimissaris, Chairman MAPFRE Middlesea, Martin Galea, and President and CEO – MAPFRE Middlesea, Felipe Navarro.

Thursday 5th April 2018 


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