Malta praised for being a longstanding partner at the EBRD

“We are interested in bringing together Europe and Africa, especially North Africa; we have our expertise, history, good contacts, we are trusted as honest brokers and as a small country with no political agendas which wants peace and prosperity.” This was stated by the Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna following a meeting in the presence of the Vice President for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Pierre Heilbronn held at the Ministry for Finance in Valletta.


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was of significant assistance to emerging economies including Member States of the European Union. Minister Scicluna remarked that the Bank’s role is to provide assistance to emerging economies such as the North African countries, whereby they are being provided with financial assistance in order for them to stimulate the private sector to create more jobs.

“We are discussing with the EBRD in helping out to communicate with the so-called Middle East North African countries (MENA), as it is an interesting region which deserves better for its civil society. In this regard, Malta can play an important role”, added Minister Scicluna.

In the meantime, Pierre Heilbronn had words of praise for Malta which happens to be a longstanding partner and founding member of the EBRD. The Vice President mentioned that the Bank is interested in the private sector since it can create more opportunities to the future generations and also because it is central to the development of such countries.



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