Initiatives bringing Malta and Australia closer together

The Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna welcomed opportunities which can bring the Maltese and Australian business communities closer together so that efforts across multiple fronts, such as trade and investment, can be fully exploited.



Minister Scicluna was speaking during a seminar organized by EY in collaboration with the Australian High Commission, held at the Malta Chamber of Commerce.

During his closing address, Minister Scicluna welcomed such seminars as opportunities through which Maltese and Australian business sectors can become better acquainted not only with one another, but also with each country’s respective business and economic climate.

He underlined that Malta is open for trade and investment, and that Malta is keen to work with global partners so that no avenue for trade and investment is left unexplored.



He noted that Australia is a global player in this regard, especially in the manner in which it manages to remain competitive in European markets despite its geographical distance from these markets.




Thursday 12th March 2015


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