Inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

“On behalf of the Government of Malta I would like to congratulate the People’s Republic of China for the efficient and effective way AIIB has been turned from an idea into reality over such a short period.



We can say with confidence that this inaugural meeting is indeed a historic occasion. About two years ago President Xi Jinping announced the AIIB initiative during his visit to Southeast Asian countries. Last June I was proud to join the other 56 representatives of the Prospective Founding Members gathered here in Beijing for the Signing Ceremony of the Bank’s Articles of Agreement at the Great Hall of the People.
Today we are gathered here for the Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Governors of this multilateral development bank conceived for the 21st century with the advantage of starting with a clean slate and ready to meet the high standard we set ourselves in the environmental, social and governance fields.
I wish to congratulate Mr. Jin Liqun, for the time he was Secretary General of the Multilateral Interim Secretariat and now as the elected President of the Bank for having shown us the participatory process, that enabled the founding members to develop the AIIBs core philosophy, principles, policies, value system and operating platform. The lean, clean and green expression has entered our psyche and is expected to become the hallmark for this bank. Judging from the admirable record to date we have every reason to believe that it will remain so for the future.
As a European I am happy to note that the European Investment Bank is in close contact with Chinese authorities and investors wishing to get involved in the Juncker plan. Similarly, contact has been established by the EBRD with the representatives of the AIIB), for close cooperation in future investment ventures.
I cannot here but thank the Chinese Authorities for the warm and affectionate welcome given to us during these meetings. As important is a deserved appreciation to the same authorities for being so generous with the hosting of the Bank itself.
I would like to conclude by reaffirming Malta’s strong support to the AIIB. I am confident that, in spite of the uncertainties which still prevail in the current economic climate and the various challenges which the external environment is presenting, the determination, skill and dedication of the President and his professional staff will be instrumental in steering the AIIB to attain its objectives during the coming years.
The Government of Malta wishes the AIIB well.”

AIIB governors’ group photo with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang after the official opening ceremony of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing on Saturday.



 Sunday 17th January 2016


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