IMF/World Bank Constituency meeting in Lisbon

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna joined other finance ministers and Central Bank governors from Italy, Greece, Portugal, San Marino, Albania, and East Timor in a discussion within the joint International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Constituency meeting in Lisbon.


The meeting, hosted by the Portuguese Finance Ministry, addressed issues of shared common concern including the euro, governance issues at the IMF, issues related to climate change, the macroeconomic effect of weather shocks, and strategic issues relating to the World Bank.

The meeting was addressed by IMF Executive Director Alessandro Leipold and World Bank Executive Director Patrizio Pagano, and special presentations were given by Vice-President and Treasurer of the World Bank Arunma Oteh and IMF Senior Economist Mico Mrkaic.

Professor Scicluna was accompanied by Central Bank of Malta Governor Dr Mario Vella.

“During the meeting, we had the chance to discuss current pressing issues being faced by the countries within our constituency and how we should respond to them. I am grateful to the Portuguese Finance Minister, Mario Centeno, for hosting this important and useful meeting”, said Finance Minister Edward Scicluna.


 17th February 2018

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