Further institutions needed to combat organised economic crimes

“Apart from the need to have further institutions to fight organised economic crimes, there will also be a review of the roles of our institutions to ensure that there will be better enforcement and closer collaboration while speeding up the prosecution process”, said Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna during his keynote speech on ‘Combatting Financial Crime’ during the 12th FinanceMalta Annual Conference on June 6, 2019.


Minister Scicluna mentioned that following the engagement of international consultants and discussions with UK officials from the Home Office and experts in the field, Malta will not only continue to strengthen its supervisory, regulatory, and enforcement institutions but will be strengthening and become more efficient in the prosecution of individualsor companies found in breach of money laundering activities.

Minister Scicluna said that this is going to be implemented through the setting up of needed specialised institutions which will have the power even to prosecute persons found in breach of organised economic crime and money laundering activities discovered by our financial supervisory institutions.


8th June 2019 



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