Anti-Terrorism Finance Training and Workshops

Minister Edward Scicluna stated that, “The Moneyval Fifth Round Mutual Evaluation Report should serve as a benchmark, to up our standards.”


“The Maltese government is accepting all recommendations, without exception. The critical points are being identified and taken on board, to increase resources and expertise. Malta has one of the largest number of regulators and supervisors in proportion to the size of the industry. It is not therefore just a matter of manpower, but more so about quality. Monopoly in the police force does not exist elsewhere, therefore changes and reform are being undertaken in that regard as well.”

Minister Scicluna emphasized the need to make the necessary changes. He was confident that where there are weaknesses, these would be addressed. The Maltese government is fully committed to fulfilling its obligations.

The two-day training and workshops were held at Laparelli Building, Central Bank of Malta, and were organised by the National Coordinating Committee (NCC), in collaboration with the British High Commission and Metropolitan Police, UK. The programme aimed to increase the level of awareness and expertise in financial intelligence and evidence to support counter terrorism prosecutions.

Anti-Terrorism Finance Training and Workshops – 25 th and 26th of February 2020


Wednesday 26th February 2020