Three country reports about Malta – Videoblog 81

During his weekly blog, the Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses three reports issued by two leading European institutions and the rating agency Fitch on Malta which were published in recent days.




He notes that the first two reports on Malta, published by the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund respectively, are noteworthy because they show a shift in the language used by these two institutions when commenting on Malta’s performance.




Minister Scicluna notes that the language being employed by these two erstwhile sober institutions (which, together with the European Central Bank, make up the Troika) shows that the Maltese Government is winning their confidence.




He explains that this shows that the Maltese Government is successfully convincing these institutions that its plans are credible, that challenges are being addressed, and that the country is on a solid economic and financial footing.

28th February 2015

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