The Welfare State – Videoblog 47


Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses the welfare state, and the principles underpinning the assistance and services it provides to the whole of society, such as healthcare, education, and social services.

Prof. Scicluna explains that as time wears on, demand for such services is increasing, placing considerable pressures on governments globally. Consequently, governments are facing difficulty with striking a balance between containing spending and deficit, and supporting their welfare states.




He notes that there comes a time when a government must rethink its present system, and modernize.

Prof. Scicluna adds that an emerging trend is to implement a welfare system which still support individuals in need and provides for basic services such as healthcare. At the same time, other social benefits, such as those related to unemployment, are provided in a way as to encourage individuals to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

Prof. Scicluna notes that this is especially relevant in view of how many who begin receiving social benefits run a considerably risk of becoming completely reliant upon them, and face considerable difficulty when attempting to end that dependency.


Sunday, 1st June, 2014

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