Strong Employment in Sensitive Sectors – Videoblog 56

Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses recently published employment figures as published by the National Statistics Office.

Prof. Edward Scicluna explains that the figures show an increase in full time employment of 3.6%, as well as a rise in part time employment by 6.3%. He notes that such rates that were never reached before.



However, according to Prof. Scicluna, the most significant increases were registered in sensitive categories, which were always distressing before, but are now showing positive results.

These include increases in female labour participation, the manufacturing sector, the self-employed sector, and the economy of Gozo.


He also explains that while this shows that there is no need to worry about the economy, the Government is nevertheless focused on making sure that the economy withstands these increased rates so that it doesn’t create inflation.

He also notes that the economy is expected grow thanks to this strong positive rate and maintain a good rhythm.

– Friday, 8th August, 2014

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