Helping women to go out and work – Videoblog 34


In this videoblog, Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna explains that the Government’s free childcare service initiative, launched only a few days ago, is intended to assist those parents, especially women, who wish to work or study but could not do so due to having to care for young children, or due to the prohibitive cost of private childcare services.

childcare centre

He also explains that this initiative was devised carefully as part of the Government’s electoral programme, and represents one of the Government’s leading reforms in its first year of office. As an initiative that will entail considerable investment, it was devised in a manner as to ensure a proper return on that investment, he adds.

He explains that through this scheme, the Government is enabling more women to join the workforce so as to increase the country’s productivity. In this way, more workers will be able to contribute in terms of taxes, further supporting the country’s social services, such as education, health, and pensions.


– Monday, 24th February, 2014

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