Government Finances in line with 2014 Budget Projections – Videoblog 52



Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna discusses the fast-approaching Budget Period, and preparations that are underway within the Ministry for Finance in this regard.

He explains that during this time, the Ministry would not only be analyzing the government’s finances and comparing them against projections, but also determining those proposals that will be considered for inclusion into next year’s budget.

He notes that the soon-to-be-unveiled Pre Budget Document will communicate the government’s vision for the coming budget, and as happens every year, will be distributed to the social partners and the public for consultation and discussion ahead of the finalization of next year’s budget.


Budget Briefcase


Prof. Scicluna also notes figures pertaining to government finance as published by the NSO a few days ago. He explains that such figures are important as they afford a clear picture of the country’s spending and revenue.

He notes that the government finance figures published a few days ago confirm that the Government is on track with respect to the targets it had laid down for itself in this year’s budget, which included increases in spending on critical areas such as education and health.


– 14th July, 2014

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