Favourable Assessment by the European Commission – Videoblog 24

Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna assesses the European Commission’s recently-published reactions to various documents which were submitted by the Government throughout the month of October.
Prof. Scicluna notes that the Commission’s reactions were favourable as it is satisfied with how the Government is handling the country’s finances. Prof. Scicluna especially welcomes the Commission’s conclusion that Malta has taken effective action to address its excessive deficit, and that no further action is required.


He adds that the Commission has noted however that risks remain, and made several recommendations that the Government is taking very seriously and which are adding to the Government’s determination to achieve results.
Prof. Scicluna also underlines that there are yet measures and initiatives which have yet to be announced, and which are expected to address the Commission’s concerns, further reassuring them that Malta is on the right track.



– Saturday, 16th November, 2013.

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