Engaging with the Commission on the basis of competence – Videoblog 39


Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna explains the working relationship that exists between the Finance Ministry and the European Commission. He explains that Malta’s Finance Ministry is no different from other finance ministries across all 28 European Member States, and that like them, the Maltese Finance Ministry continuously works closely with the Commission.

Prof. Scicluna notes that there are various instances when the Ministry and the Commission engage in discussions, both in Malta and in Brussels. Such discussions arise when the Commission wishes to further examine a particular issue, or inquires as to the effect of a particular development on the economy.




Prof. Scicluna explains that as part of the Government’s new direction, he wished to bring about a shift in how local competence is employed so that the Maltese Government is not obliged to accept everything is imposed upon us.

He explains that, this means that in those instances where an error is discovered on our end, the Government admits it freely. However should a mistake be found in the Commission’s calculations, Malta would be in a position to competently identify it, and prudently request that this be looked into.

Prof. Scicluna explains that this in fact occurred more than once over the past year, and emphasised that through competence and dialogue, the Ministry was able to convince the Commission to correct its position so that the Maltese economy would not suffer due to the imposition of rules on the basis of those errors.


– Thursday, 3rd April, 2014

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