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Indeed, a shocking matter

The recent issue of the alleged shocking €250 million over-spend by the Government for 2016 is an eye-opener to the independent-minded observer of the shabby way important issues are sometimes treated, with hardly any respect to the intelligence of the population at large. Here we have a subject which for any Opposition should be an easy target – public expenditure.  Government is essentially an elected group of persons which is delegated ... [+]

‘You cannot fight the market’

If ever there was a job to which the old saying ‘you can never win’ applies, surely it would have to be the Minister of Finance. Traditionally, as the man who holds the key to the national treasury, he is inundated with pressure from Cabinet colleagues demanding ever-increasing allocations. And ... [+]

The four main areas of poverty and how each budget has tackled them

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna meets with The Malta Independent on Sunday in order to fill us in on what the government’s term plan is and how this budget fits into the grander scheme of things. Professor Scicluna divulged the systematic approach taken by this government to tackle issues in various ... [+]

How Finance Minister Scicluna builds his Budget

Faced with criticism that the middle class was forgotten in the Budget, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna says the exercise is part of a five-year plan and cannot be viewed in isolation. The Labour Party was under pressure by its traditional voters to deliver a more social Budget after three years of wealth generation ... [+]

Looking ahead: Malta’s economic outlook for 2016

A new year is just around the corner and everyone is eager to ensure that the thriving Maltese economy remains on the up. Marie-Claire Grima speaks to two of the most influential figures in the Maltese business landscape to find out more about the nation’s economic prospects for 2016.     As the ... [+]

Opposition has ‘brainwashed’ everyone against €360 million loan guarantee

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna hits out at the Opposition for ‘brainwashing’ people into opposing the €360 million loan guarantee given to a private company tasked with building the new gas-fired power station, Electrogas, in an interview in today’s issue. “This does not mean that there should not be an Opposition – ... [+]

Two-thirds of my time now spent fighting bureaucracy

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has singled out bureaucracy as a major obstacle to economic growth, saying he spent “at least two-thirds” of his time trying to overcome it. Speaking at the Hilton during a presentation on the EY Eurozone and Malta forecasts, he gave as an example a 10-hour debate at ... [+]

Our interest in Greek saga

On the financial front, Greece took centre stage last week, with an insurmountable problem to solve. The ever-increasing burden of the public debt, now standing at 175 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and its 25 per cent cut in its GDP since the beginning of the crises, ... [+]

Private sector is driving force

I would be a very worried minister and member of this government if the surge in Malta’s economic growth was solely, or primarily, due to uncontrolled government employment. But this is the picture which the Opposition is trying to depict. It is building its case through anecdotal evidence and questionable ... [+]
"Reports show that poverty and relative poverty have increased over the last five or six years."

The ‘€400m discrepancy’

Arriva was bought by the government for one euro and that needed explaining. A €4 million value needs as much explaining if not more. And that is what the National Statistics Office (NSO) did in its latest newsletter on the subject of Malta’s deficit and debt for the year 2013. But ... [+]