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One tends to recall that the economy and elections are very much related. The famous statement “the economy stupid” was coined with this in mind. Leaders of contesting political parties can only ignore the economy at their own peril argues Prof Edward Scicluna. Let’s unearth why...Incumbent governments know how important it is to face an election at a time when the economy is doing well. And so one cannot be ... [+]

Our Plan for Economic Growth

There is no doubt that, since the Second World War, it has been the desire of every parent that his or her children should enjoy a better life than he or she had. Back before the early industrial revolution, in an agrarian society, dire poverty was accepted as a way ... [+]

Our surreal situation

I reckon that both the divorce issue and the forthcoming election will be noted in our future history books as the two events that shook Maltese society out of its slumber. For the past few decades, Maltese society has accepted the dictum “do not fix if it ain’t broken” and ... [+]

Government’s debt legacy

The debt issue is not just a Labour issue, it is a national issue. In actual fact I find it more of a concern among the business community which knows only too well its repercussions. Business persons know that debt burdens once incurred can only be transferred, as say from ... [+]

The politics of stooping to conquer

"If until then, Scicluna hadn't caught my attention, he certainly did on that occasion." - Michela Spiteri I was in Brussels last December, around the time Edward Scicluna was being persecuted by that insufferable anti-abortion NGO, Gift of Life, who have that very rare ability to make me think, say and do ... [+]

Stagflation is not a Virus

According to Eurostat, at 4.2 per cent, Malta has reached the highest inflation rate in the eurozone and the second highest in the whole European Union. In fact, it is almost double the average in both cases. In economics, inflation can be considered as a Hydra, a multi-headed beast which once ... [+]

Recall Mintoffianomics

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are remembered for their own brand of economics, Thatcherism and Reaganomics. But what about Dom Mintoff’s own particular economic creed and style which too had indelibly left their mark on his government’s administration? Although not an economist by profession, and never taking over the Ministry of ... [+]

Financial services in the European institutions

It is nearly three years since I was elected to serve as one of Malta's MEPs and was appointed as a Vice-Chairman of the Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs committee. As we are too well aware, the last few years have been dominated by a crisis of the financial sector, which ... [+]

The MEP’s Diary: Lies, damn lies and statistics

What do our Members of European Parliament (MEPs) go through during their weekly ordeal in Brussels and Strasbourg?’s “The MEP’s dairy” features one MEP’s agenda every Monday. Labour MEP Prof. Edward Scicluna (Socialists and Democrats) goes through his diary entry for last week. The last couple of weeks have been dominated ... [+]

Systemic failure, no doubt

The research study by Caritas Malta focusing on three categories of low-income households has managed to shock the authorities, the social partners and the Maltese society at large. It is now established that poverty is truly among us. It is no longer a matter of conjecture. Eurostat had been saying the ... [+]

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