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Fiscal Responsibility Act

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Finance Minister Edward Scicluna today described the Fiscal Responsibility Act, approved by Parliament recently, as a milestone that would introduce controls on public expenditure. Prof. Scicluna told a news ... [+]

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Maltese Articles


Aktar trasparenza fil-finanzi pubbliċi

Il-ġimgħa li għaddiet kienet waħda importanti għal pajjiżna. Dan għax ġiet approvata fil-Parlament, bi qbil mal-Oppożizzjoni, liġi li tittrata dwar ... [+]

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English Articles

"Reports show that poverty and relative poverty have increased over the last five or six years."

The ‘€400m discrepancy’

Arriva was bought by the government for one euro and that needed explaining. A €4 million value needs as much ... [+]

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About Edward

Flags Edward graduated from the University of Oxford with a Diploma with distinction in politics and economics; from the University of Malta with a First Class Honours BA degree in Economics, and the University of Toronto with a Masters and Doctorate in Economics. He was appointed ... [+]