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2017 Country Report: Private debts and poverty risks are falling ​


The Ministry for Finance welcomes the 2017 Country Report on Malta, published by the European Commission. ​​ The report is a comprehensive and in-depth review which not only takes into ... [+]

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The EU expects economic activity to remain robust


The Ministry for Finance welcomes the latest winter forecast published by the European Commission which expects economic activity in Malta to remain robust, well above the European Union ... [+]

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Maltese Articles


L-iżbilanċi ekonomiċi

Ma tantx huwa kumplimentuż li tgħid lil xi ħadd li għandu argument żbilanċjat, għax il-kelma żbilanċ għandha konnotazzjoni negattiva peress ... [+]

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English Articles


Indeed, a shocking matter

The recent issue of the alleged shocking €250 million over-spend by the Government for 2016 is an eye-opener to the ... [+]

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About Edward

Flags Professor Edward Scicluna is Minister for Finance in the Labour Government of Joseph Muscat and a Member of the Maltese House of Representatives, having been elected from the 5th and 8th Districts in March of 2013. [+]