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Malta among Leading Eurozone and European Union countries in GDP Growth

Constant GDP annual growth rate

The Minister for Finance notes with satisfaction the Gross Domestic Product growth figures published by NSO which show that Malta ranks among the top-performing countries in the Eurozone ... [+]

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Maltese Articles


L-indiċi tas-sentiment ekonomiku x’valur għandu?

Xtaqt nuża din l-opportunità biex nagħ­mel aċċenn fuq kif, biss ftit jiem ilu, l-aġenzija tal-istatistika Ewropea (Eurostat) ippubblikat dawk li ... [+]

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English Articles

"Reports show that poverty and relative poverty have increased over the last five or six years."

The ‘€400m discrepancy’

Arriva was bought by the government for one euro and that needed explaining. A €4 million value needs as much ... [+]

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