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That PN spokesperson for finance Dr Mario Demarco finds himself in a state of denial and in a panic mode at the present time is understandable and may in some way explain the pathetic opinion piece of his in today’s Times of Malta. And with reason. His beloved party is in tatters a few months before an important election. Worse, key members of his party have just been exposed as having connived with third parties to destabilise the country by a diabolical plot cum frame-up on the incumbent Prime Minister, involving forged documents, fraud, libel, and false witness. The big lie cannot be evidenced more than by the spectacle of the PN’s key ‘so-called’ whistle-blowers calling each other a liar on social media.

Dr Mario Demarco needs to be advised that he is not a fit and proper person to give lessons to anyone on money laundering issues, least of all to the current Minister for Finance whose credentials during the past and current legislation are acknowledged by everyone. It is Dr Demarco’s prerogative to persist in defending, as a criminal lawyer, cases like the recent serious Ndrangheta case on money laundering. However, for the sake of the country and the rule of law, he cannot be allowed to meddle in money laundering legislation or regulation as the PN spokesperson for finance.

28th July 2018

Ask Edward