1999 – 2003 Malta Council for Economic and Social Development
1997 – 1999 Malta Financial Services Authority
Chairman and President (i.e. Executive Chairman)
1996 – 2003 Central Bank of Malta
Board Director and Member of the Monetary Policy Committee
1997 – 2000 Council of Europe Development Bank, Paris .
Member of the Bank’s Auditing Committee
1980 to date University of Malta
1981 to 1990 Professor and Head of the Department of Economics
2006 to date Euro Expert
2005 – 2008 NECC
1993 – 1996 Authority of Review, Malta
1987 – 1993 Electoral Commission, Malta
Electoral Commissioner
2002 to Date HSBC Structured Funds SICAV p.l.c.
HSBC Malta Funds SICAV p.l.c.
Chairman of the Board for the above two companies
1992 Office of the Prime Minister
Chairman Editorial Board preparing the Malta Report on environment and development for the United Nations Rio Summit
1987 – 1989 Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Malta
Chairman of Commission to Investigate and Report on Monopolistic Practices in Maritime Transportation to and from Malta.
1987 – 1997 Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), UNEP
Appointed as Malta’s Focal Point for Programme