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  • 6th Environment Action Programme

    6th Environment Action Programme

    The sixth Environment Action Programme (6th EAP), adopted in 2002, is the EU’s ten-years (2002-2012) policy programme for the environment. It identifies four key environmental priorities: climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, and natural resources and waste. The Commission will start a mid-term review of the 6th EAP before the end of 2006.…

  • Parliament backs bold plans for EU’s energy future

    Parliament backs bold plans for EU’s energy future

    The European Parliament yesterday (3 February) endorsed a comprehensive blueprint for the bloc’s future energy policy, including more ambitious targets on climate change and renewable energies in proposals due to be submitted to EU leaders next month. Published: Wednesday 4 February 2009 Source: Background: The EU’s┬áSecond Strategic Energy Review was proposed by the European…