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  • Scicluna requests clarification on budget cuts

    Scicluna requests clarification on budget cuts

    Labour MEP Edward Scicluna has written to European Commissioner Olly Rehn this week requesting clarifications on various points related to the €40 million cuts in Malta’s budget. Prof. Scicluna said he was requesting the clarifications from the EU because the government was saying nothing. Professor Scicluna asked whether the Commission had considered the government’s forecasts…

  • Journeying to Maastricht

    Journeying to Maastricht

    The Maltese Government has a plan for economic recovery. But not all is ship-shape according to economics professor Edward Scicluna. The Maltese government has only just recently published a financial and economic report that was delivered to the EU’s Economic and Financial Ministers Council. Forewarned of the bloated budgetary deficit and its high rate of…