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  • The Economic Impact Of Parental Leave

    The Economic Impact Of Parental Leave

    The economic impact of parental leave an evaluation of the benefits and the costs. A study by Prof Edward Scicluna MEP. The paper is intended to rebalance the stated costs and benefits assumed by the MBB report by referring to some of the extensive scientific studies carried out in countries around the world over the…

  • MCED to act as a forum for wage debate

    MCED to act as a forum for wage debate

    Any change will have great possible impact The Malta Council for Economic Development will be the platform not only to continue discussions on the way that the Retail Price Index is calculated, but also for the unions to voice their disagreement with the way that the social wage is calculated. By Miriam Dunn MCED Chairman,…

  • Employment predictions

    Employment predictions

    There is no doubt that Mr Vince Farrugia attempted to attack my economic and statistical credibility when he tried to misrepresent the results of my model regarding the employment implications of a fall in our exports. He said and I quote: “With a 20% drop in exports according to his predictions we should by now…